”I see beauty in everything” – the cure for a traveller’s hunger

Someone once told me that they see beauty in everything and at first I considered this as some kind of cliche and only later on it struck me. You CAN see beauty in everything, and you don’t even need to go that far away. This is the reason why, everytime I yearn to travel and it feels like an itch to the soul, I (really) open my eyes to really see the places I’ve seen hundreds or thousands of times and look for something new, something I may have seen before but never given a second thought.

Now, a simple way of quenching that thirst is different perspective. Applying a filter on top of reality can’t be done on computer alone, and a method which has been around since forever especially in arts such as painting and even literature is tunnel vision. A close up of a basic subject such as a flower can easily prove my point, but there are other unexpected models you might stumble upon which would turn the ordinary into extraordinary. Detail-focused photography isn’t exactly my cup of tea but I tried my best to find something little and insignificant at first sight and make it blossom into something magnificent.

little red firefly


sunbathing is better with friends


how many fireflies can you spot?
of course the last picture had to be cake

Come to think of it, all these pictures were taken on little walks. What does a stroll in the park sound like now?

minus 7

Does the soul get frostbites?

If you could walk this world in your true colours everything would freeze like the black and white screen of a television depicting the film of your stillness in motion.

If you would show your deepest nuances and shield nothing from the world there’d still be icicles left somewhere deeper in for me to cut into when I reach out.

It’s what you do.

5 below – you look at me

6 below – you talk to me

7 below – you touch me

The thermometer breaks and shatters into pieces that can’t cut as hard as what I want from you. It’s minus 7 degrees outside, for God’s sake, get warm with me.

Mirror mirror…

…on the ground?

Nature is our world’s greatest architect. Sometimes, you just stop and gaze into the abyss that is the limit of your own eyes. We are so small, yet we were deemed worthy of such beauty. I am simply amazed by the fact that the sky and earth are so deeply connected with each other that I see them as silhouettes holding hands full of colours even when they aren’t. Who would have thought something as plain as a lake could become a portal to another world?

Instead of a classic 2016 review, I looked back at all the places I travelled this year and decided to create a collage of something old, something blue and the result is something new. I’ve put together a couple of pictures I took of lakes on clear, bright days, as a reminder that with its ups and downs, it has been a beautiful year.



*Note: these are all different places in Romania and it took quite some time to pick out of the thousands (not even kidding) of photos I have, but I will soon write about places I’ve seen and I think no one would ever want to miss in a lifetime.

Night of museums- prelude in galleries


While the European Night of Museums is sometime in May, art lovers get their fill in a small dose with an entire evening dedicated to their passion. Art galleries throughout the country open their doors to absolutely everyone and with the pleasant chill and mystery of the night, the lonely streets take comfort in the many hearts passing by, ready for their souls to vibrate with beauty.

The transition from September to October is particularly pleasant- weather wise- and during night time, the cold concrete seems to come to life with warm breaths. This time, I figured the easiest way to enjoy art is by simply observing, contrary to my almost compulsive volunteering in this sector, and after a nostalgia filled stroll and steady expectations, I opened my mind and in I was.

Again, painting isn’t exactly my field of expertise and according to the saying “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”, I blinked a couple of times so I could really enjoy what was in front of me. Now, to avoid an unhealthy dose of hypocrisy, I must admit I had been expecting something so wonderful it would leave entire generations stunned, and that was a mistake on my part. Art isn’t supposed to make you feel an exact, certain way. It’s supposed to please, disturb or comfort, and an array of foreign sensations doesn’t begin to cover what I had in mind. It was, maybe, the universe’s way of telling me happiness can be mild too, not only beaming moments and astounding feelings. I felt mildly pleased by what I saw and that might not be the first story I rush to tell years from now, but it felt right and made for a well deserved break.

Again, my hoarding with imagery makes it so difficult to select only a couple of pics, but I promise there is something for anyone to see in each and every one of them.

Glimpses of Bucharest